TNU LogoOur purpose here at True North Ministries is to provide students in sixth grade through senior year with a place where they can come to learn about Jesus in a relaxed and real environment.  As a staff, our goal and intention each and every time we meet is to provide a God-centered, fun, high-energy atmosphere where students feel comfortable not only attending, but bringing their friends to learn more about what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.

One aspect of life our leadership here at Truth North is purity.  In a society pushing the limits each day to what is defined as “Acceptable”, we teach our students how to be pure and overcome simple desires by tapping into a source of strength much greater than their own. By creating an atmosphere of love and authenticity where fear of judgment and rejection dissolves,  we are committed to inspiring your children to live pure and loving lifestyles.

We desire to work just as much with you parents as we do your students.  We see these relationships as vital in terms of being on the same page with what is going on in your student’s life and how we can assist you in raising a young woman or man who fully experiences the love of God.  We long to not only build life long relationship with your children, but with you as well.

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